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Although Khalsa Dharmak Sabha has a 90-year history, no known photos exist from the pre-war era. The undated ones below (all post-WWII), include a rare photo of a time when an English school (Khalsa English School: 1948 - 1954) existed in the same location. In the first photo, we see a giani who was popularly known as the 'khanday wala giani" for his tendency to wear the Sikh emblem (Khanda) on his turban.

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The Gurdwara
Through the years.... 

Narian Singh Khai

Sardar Narian Singh Khai was one of the first five trustees who helped to acquire the current property at 18 Niven Road for $16,000 in 1936. The two colour photos, taken in 1981, show S. Narian Singh Khai (seated; 3rd from left in the first colour photo; 4th in the second photo) when he visited Singapore after spending many years in Punjab.


Early Sikhs (Malaya - Singapore)

Left: the Rode family 1945 - 1945. S. Bahadur Singh, Mrs Jagir Kaur (left), Sham Kaur (a widow), two brothers & two sisters.

Right: Sikh family (1956).

Lance Corporal Sucha Singh
Singapore Police Force.

Sucha Singh (shown below) was commended for saving the lives of Sang Bo Loo (aged 50), Chi Neo (aged 30) and an infant. This took place on 27 Jan 1926. 

In the first incident a man,  Sang Bo Loo, fell into the sea when alighting from a steamer at 7:15pm. The currents were strong and the location where he fell was deep at 10 yards out, but Sucha Singh jumped in to save his life. In the second incident, a women and her child similarly fell into the sea at 7:40pm at 50 yards out and was saved by Sucha Singh. For his bravery, he was awarded Testimonial on Vellum (case sent by Colonial Secretary, Singapore).


Khalsa Dharmak Sabha
Pioneer in Punjabi / English Education in Singapore

Top row (left to right): Early photo showing the Khalsa English School (1948); School management; early educators (1961).

Middle row: Mata Jangir Kaur - one of the first female Punjabi teachers. She taught from 1941 - 42; students from a class (with teacher Surjit Singh Rode); Punjabi class staff (1955).

Bottom row: students who took part in a drama performance; spectators/parents  (drama performance).



Do you have any rare photos of the Gurdwara from yesteryear? Do consider sharing them with us on this page. Originals will be returned to you. Contact our webmaster for more information. 





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